Best Playtech Software Platform

BINGO WINNERYou have quite a number of different ways that you are going to be able to access and play Playtech designed slots online or on any mobile device. So if you fancy giving any of their high paying and great playing slots any amount of play time then read on for we shall enlighten you on how you can do just that.

Keep in mind that as a new player signing up to a Playtech powered casino site you are also going to be able to make use of plenty of different structured slot game bonuses too!

So it will always be worth spending a little bit of time comparing just what those bonuses on offer at all sites using any of the following Playtech gaming platforms have to offer via their sign up and also ongoing bonus offers.

Mobile Platform – There are two ways of accessing the range of Playtech slots and other casino games on any type of mobile device. The easiest and most convenient way to play their tiki island slot games is by downloading an app directly onto your mobile phone or tablet device.

However, when you are limited in regards to storage space you will be able to make use of a web browser compatible range of slot games. To do so simply visiting any Playtech casinos website via your mobile devices web browser and then the games you click on to play will then be launched into that web browser.

Downloadable Platform – If you want to play Playtech slot game online then one of the best ways of doing so is by you choosing to download their gaming platforms onto your computer or laptop. By doing so you will not only have access to the very largest range of slot games, but you will also find plenty of configurable option settings available on each of the Twin Spin slots on offer.

If you have never played Playtech slot games before then you will be able to play them via the downloadable gaming platform completely free of charge if you prefer.

Instant Play Platform – Those slot players who have access to several different computers and who would prefer not to have to download the Playtech gaming platform onto each of their computers will be able to play slot game online but by using an instant play type of gaming platform from Playtech.

That instant play no download gaming platform has been made fully compatible with every single type of web browser and as such the slot game available will load directly into your web browser so you will never have to waste any time waiting for the games to download.

There are of course hundreds of instant play slots available from Playtech, so you will always have the maximum choice in slots you can get stuck into playing!


When it the Best Time to Play Online Slots?

Keep in mind that every single slot machine you find available online is going to be completely random, and as such it does not matter at what time of the day or night you choose to play slot games online you will always have the same chance of winning whether you play in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening.

casino slots for useIf you are wondering whether new slot games payout more online in the first few days, they go live then sadly that will not be the case as online slot games also have a set payout percentage which cannot be altered by the operators of those gaming sites – a list of these bingo sites can be found here.

There are going to be some very special times of the year to your personally when you will find many slot sites are giving you additional bonus offers, and if you choose to play at some sites whenever it is your birthday you may find a special birthday bonus will be offered to you.

Birthday onuses do take many forms however and you may be offered an exclusive high valued deposit match bonus, or no deposit bonus or the casino or bingo site may send you something epical through the post, so always keep your eyes peeled for emails on your birthday or even a knock as your front door!

One Slot game that is always a good choice of slot is the Double Bubble slot game, and there are several reasons why we think you should make the effort to actively hunt this slot game down!

First off there is a huge jackpot up for grabs when playing it, however to give you even more winning opportunities when you play this slot online you will find there is both a high paying base game feature that can boost winning payouts by up to 22 times their usual payout values, and also a bonus game which is regularly triggered and awarded to players too!

Remember that no matter at what time of the night or day you get the urge to play slot games online you are always going to find them available, as both online casinos and online bingo sites never shut their cyber doors!

If you have yet to locate a site at which to play slot games online then make sure you take a look around at some of the many different bingo sites, especially those that use the Gamesys bingo platform as their slot games are great playing ones!

Tips for Playing Double Bubble Slots

bwi logoAccessing random and certified slot games is of course what every slot player who chooses to play Double Bubble online slot games for real money will be looking to do. It is worth us pointing out that every single Playtech slot game available online has been independently tested and verified as being completely random and fair before going live.

However, even on completely random slot games there are several ways you can play those online slots to give you a slightly better chance of winning. It is with that in mind we would like to present to you the following range of Playtech slot playing hints and tips, which you may be interested in using and putting into play when you next give any of their range of slots a try!

Play Maximum Lines – As you are often going to find yourself attracted to playing slot games on which there is some form of bonus game or bonus feature, then the first tip is an important one!

If you find yourself playing a slot on which the bonus game is only awarded to you via a set of bonus symbols that have to form on an activated payline then for a hugely increased chance of triggering that bonus game you must play with maximum line spins in live play.

Playing less than the maximum number of paylines will reduce your chances of triggering that bonus game, and if the bonus game is a set of free spins the more lines you have in play the better your chances of spinning in multiple winning combinations.

Choosing a Unit Stake – You will want your bankroll to stretch as far as it can, and you will also want to have a fair and reasonable chance of triggering at least one bonus game on the slot or slots you choose to play.

With that in mind try and pick a unit stake to play off each spin that is going to allow you to have around 150 base game spins on your chosen slot or slots, as that should give you a very reasonable chance of triggering at the very least one slot game bonus round!

Bonuses and Comps – Claiming a bonus from any casino you choose to play at is often going to enable you to quite noticeably increase the value of your slot playing budget. Plus as you do play you will be earning comp points too which can be exchanged for playing credits when you have enough of them.

However, do make sure that the bonus you can claim and the comp clubs you will be joining are going to be giving you real and true value, so shop around and compare the promotions and loyalty schemes are different casinos!

Play High RTP Slots – One final tip and this is a very important one if you like playing slots online, is to stick to playing slots on which the RTP (payout percentage) has been certified as being over 97%. By playing the higher paying slots more of your money fed into and played off on those slots will be returned to you as winning payouts.

Mark Cuban

Legalization of Sports Betting in America!

Mark Cuban, an American film producer, investor and the famous television actor is now taking interest in the eSports. The actor believes that the sports betting laws of the United States are being tainted at present. The actor who became even more popular with ‘Shark Tank’ has also commented on the officials who have and are still trying to restrict FanDuel and DraftKings, fantasy sports giants. However, to encourage the virtual games and betting, the actor is known to wager a considerable amount of around millions on Sportradar AG, a sports data firm. He has also wagered on Unikrn, a very popular betting service.

Cuban expresses that fantasy sports has taken over the nation by storm and millions of people across all the US states have become a diehard fan of it. Due to this, sports betting will have to be legalized no matter what. All his statements and words have been remarked after keeping in mind those 46 states where sports betting is illegal.  

In the words of Cuban

During an interview with Fortune, the actor remarked that legalization of the professional sports betting would take some time. He says that the courts at present, need time to analyze the matter completely and make the games available all across the nation. Cuban has also pointed out the major benefit of legalization of sports betting by commenting that it will bring in the needed revenue for the states. The states will make much profit with fantasy sports. In addition to this, the investor is all keen to witness the partnership between professional sports bookmakers and leagues.

Cuban is of view that the popularity of eSports such as League of Legends and Call of Duty will take the form of traditional sports in order to captivate the attention of more players. For example, players will then be able to bet on VR basketball games and other such exciting games. The businessperson says that the games in eSports world will increase if NBA will extend its working with the partners.

Sports betting in Europe

In Europe, public openly bets on various sports including professional soccer matches through Ladbrokes and various other betting companies. Europeans in fact, directly place bets on professional games through their phones via various betting applications. Mark Cuban looks forward to legalization of sports betting in America too just like in Europe.

In the year 2014, Cuban told ESPN that the sport betting is allowed in rest of the world but not in America. It is simply because the sports leagues in America think that Americans are not good sports bettors. He calls this ‘un-American’. However, Cuban also mentioned that the United States is likely to legalize the sports betting in next three to five years.

With Cuban, many more fans of fantasy sports are all set to witness the legalization of sports betting and add thrill to their lives. It is sure that sports betting will captivate the attention of all the Americans once it has been legalized.

DraftKings and FanDuel

DraftKings, FanDuel Declared Illegal!

Online-based fantasy sports contest provider companies like DraftKings and FanDuel, which are also the leading boys in the industry, recently filed lawsuits in IL asking for the games to be announced as legal. This was only a day after the attorney general of the state announced that these games fell under gambling. In latest news the Attorney General’s office asked DraftKings and FanDuel to change their Terms of Service in order to include IL as a prohibited state.

For those who don’t know, DraftKings is known to offer fantasy sports contests for people with different levels of skill. New players enter the ‘Step’ contests, being beginners, and progress to the higher levels to reach the ‘Boosters’. At this stage the players can add value to their initial fee on making more points. Players can also win by reaching in the top half of their group – these are called the 50/50 contests. There are also the GPPs (Grand Prize Pools) where big money can be won by a small group of people.

FanDuel, according to money wagered, is the largest daily fantasy sports company. It has been understood and accepted all around as a game that involves skill and thus should not be categorised under gambling.

Both the companies, filing the lawsuit have seen opposition which states that their main concern is the ambiguity concerning the IL law. The law has remained unclear from the beginning and the terms need to be laid out loud and clear by the companies so that the charges can be removed. It must also be noted that there is a certain hypocrisy in work here as according the present terms the games are unavailable in countries where gambling is illegal.   

There has been commotion around as states like Nevada have announced the banning of the websites at least till the time gambling licences are acquired. In New York, companies have been pardoned temporarily even though the attorney general of the state has demanded for them to be discontinued. Other states like California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland and the likes are contemplating whether to completely ban or put the games under strict regulations.

Even though DraftKings was not available to make a comment, it is understood that the burden eventually lies on the player, or the athlete to be precise, whose skills, speed and strength will make or break the company.

According to this decision games such as those described above will be made illegal to play within the state.

Hence we are looking to work with the right people, dedicated to the right cause. Some of these are lawmakers like Representative Mike Zaleweski among others. People like him, who are in the position of power, act after thinking clearly and with common sense and protect the rights of consumers and also take appropriate measure to protect their rights.

It is clear as crystal for now that people who would be accessing these websites will be seen as breaking the law.